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AD-100I - Industry: Infor's industry review for aerospace & defense Join Edward Talerico, Infor's Industry and Strategy Director for aerospace & defense, to learn the latest trends within the A&D industry and how Infor can help you achieve your mission-critical objectives. You'll also get recommendations on how to make the most of your Inforum experience. Industry
ALL-641 - Hub Grand Opening and Welcome Reception The Hub Grand Opening & Welcome Reception Reception
ALL-642 - Day 1 General Session Infor CEO Charles Phillips and members of the Executive Leadership Team will address Infor’s strategic roadmap, showcase our latest innovations, unveil major product announcements, and give you a preview of the future. And, a popular highlight of every Inforum, Infor’s customers will also take center stage to share their success stories. General Session
All-643 - Lunch Lunch in the Hub Lunch in The Hub
ALL-644 - Day 2 General Session Hear more from Infor’s Executive Leadership Team and about our latest acquisitions.  Also, you won’t want to miss customer success stories and the Progress Maker’s Awards.   General Session
ALL-645 - Networking Reception Tuesday night networking reception from 6:00pm - 7:00pm Reception
AUTO-100I - Industry: Infor's vision for automotive The unprecedented volatility facing today’s automotive manufacturers requires flexibility, innovation, and new ways of thinking. Join this session for an interactive discussion of key auto industry trends and to learn about Infor’s latest automotive technology investments. You’ll also get an Inforum overview designed to help you get the most out of the conference.  Industry
BRDG-101 - Bridges General Session—Day 1 The opening general session will set the stage for this year's Bridges event. Join GT Nexus President Kurt Cavano and executive leaders from Helly Hansen, Caterpillar, and Electrolux as they discuss innovative supply chain strategies. You'll also get an overview of key product milestones. Bridges General Session – Day 1
BRDG-102 - Bridges General Session – Day 3 The full Bridges delegation will reconvene in the general session theater to wrap up the event.  Supply Chain Executives from Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks, Sims Metal Management and CNH Industrial will share perspectives on innovations at their companies and the GT Nexus customer shipper council will hand out their annual performance awards.   An innovation panel will talk about the future to wrap up the agenda for the day. Bridges General Session – Day 3
BRDG-201 - Self invoicing—Gain earlier insight into freight spend Auditing and settling freight invoices is widely regarded as a necessary evil in transportation—messy, complex, time-consuming, and mostly adversarial to carriers. Leading supply chain practitioners are rethinking the transportation management process before freight is even tendered to gain earlier insight to freight spend. Join this session to learn how increased collaboration and process transparency can have positive implications for continual improvement in sourcing and planning and in carrier relationships. Bridges
BRDG-202 - How supply chain finance can create healthy, sustainable supply chains Brand image is everything in today's hypercompetitive marketplace. Survey after survey finds that consumers are only loyal to brands with high standards for quality and sustainability—both critical supply chain issues. Learn how companies are using supply chain finance to meet these demands, while also reducing costs and strengthening supplier relationships. Bridges
BRDG-203 - Global trade management—Agile strategies for a changing world As global trade policies change, it becomes more important to stay ahead of regulatory changes by integrating global trade management into supply chain processes.  Learn how smart trade compliance can help reduce cycle times, delays, duties, and taxes, as well as optimize operations globally. Bridges
BRDG-204 - Putting supply chain intelligence to work—Daily decision support meets big-data insight Business intelligence needs in every supply chain range from embedded analytics that help with daily operations to big data mining for trend analysis and strategic improvements. Learn how GT Nexus can help you measure and enhance the efficiency of your entire supply chain—tactically and strategically—and move forward with big data and predictive analytics. Bridges
BRDG-205 - Digital transformation for supply chains—Innovating with apps Business innovation shouldn't be confined to the four walls of your organization. Join this session to learn how GT Nexus customers develop and use custom network apps to innovate across the entire supply chain. Bridges
BRDG-301 - Roadmap: Supply chain visibility from GT Nexus Discover how the advancement of data collection and analytics can aid in driving a hyper-granular level of visibility. You'll learn what is available today and what is coming in the future. Bridges
BRDG-302 - From plan to procure-to-pay—Harnessing digital transformation to increase agility and responsiveness Join this session to learn how you can increase agility, improve responsiveness to demand, and lower both costs and working capital requirements by collaborating more effectively with logistics and finance providers and suppliers.  Bridges
BRDG-303 - Internet of Things in Supply Chain—Imagined possibilities to production ready services The Internet of Things (IoT) creates a new lever of value for supply chain decision support. What are the most promising IoT services for supply chain? How can they be cost-justified? What will the business models look like, and how will they be measured? When will the revolution of IoT in supply chain today be the norm of tomorrow? These topics and more will be discussed during this panel. Bridges
BRDG-304 - Roundtable: Fireside chat with the architects of the GT Nexus Platform Join the technology leaders behind the GT Nexus system architecture for a discussion of how thoughtful choices – like in-memory computing, graph theory, and big data techniques – have been applied to the GT Nexus platform to improve performance, stability, and scalability. Bring your questions and ideas and join the conversation in this interactive and engaging roundtable session. Bridges
BRDG-305 - Seamless value chain orchestration with Infor GT Nexus supply chain management As value chains continue to grow more complex, companies face intense pressure to deliver with greater agility and responsiveness. Learn how GT Nexus combines supply chain planning, execution, and supply chain finance with a powerful, integrated network to provide seamless value chain orchestration, end to end.  Bridges
BRDG-401 - Industry fundamentals—Lessons learned across industries Retail, automotive, and consumer products are all distinct industries—each with their own challenges. But where are they all struggling when it comes to digital transformation? Are there lessons that can be taken from outside your own industry to tackle this new world of digital? Join this session to share knowledge and learn from your peers.  Bridges
BRDG-402 - Not your father's supply chain control towers Control towers are making a comeback. Or are they? What is a control tower in the networked supply chain? What are the tools needed to create a true control tower? Join this session to learn more about how GT Nexus provides the solutions and vision for creating a true control tower and what the future holds. Bridges
BRDG-403 - How warehousing is taking a new role in the world of retail and distribution Retailers today are challenged to fill orders from multiple sources, from in-store and online to mobile and social. To succeed, they must look at their inventory with a networked view. Learn how Infor’s Supply Chain Execution solution combines key elements, such as warehouse and labor management, transportation execution, and cost-based accounting, to help customers excel in the modern retail world. Bridges
BRDG-404 - Controlling the flow of inventory to better meet customer demands Retailers are under constant under pressure to better manage their supply chains. The ability to more effectively accelerate or slow down inventory flows is essential to achieving this objective. Join this session to learn how the GT Nexus Factory Management solution supports resource tagging and postponement strategies, providing essential capabilities for retailers of today. Bridges
BRDG-405 - Logistics Service Providers and the digitized revolution Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) are vital for logistics in the supply chain. However, they are undergoing changes, in large part due to digital. Come learn from LSP thought leaders about how their businesses are being impacted by digital. You'll hear about lessons they are learning, the anticipated impact on their businesses, and more importantly, how this evolution will impact you—their customer. Bridges
BRDG-501 - Digital supply chain transformation 2017 and beyond Digital supply chain transformation is an imperative for global organizations if they want to survive in the digital age. Join this session to hear examples of how digital supply chain transformation is being deployed today. The panelists will share their experiences, the challenges they faced, and where they are on their journey, as well as offer their outlook on digital transformation in the future. Bridges
BRDG-502 - Brexit, Hanjin, political change—How prepared is your supply chain for disruption and uncertainty? Join this session for a discussion about the impact of major supply chain disruptions, like 'Black Swan' events, and everyday supply chain interruptions that can be just as crippling. A panel of your peers will share their stories and discuss how digitization of the supply chain can help companies become more agile and flexible, allowing them to more effectively handle friction and mitigate risk. Bridges
BRDG-503 - Creativity in the supply chain—An oxymoron? Join this session for a thought-provoking discussion that will challenge the singular view of the supply chain as a cost center. Aligned with Gartner's concept of the bimodal supply chain, our discussion will highlight how organizations can run two different modes of operation in parallel to combine operational excellence, lean inventory management, and cost savings with agility, flexibility, and creativity. Bridges
BRDG-504 - Servitization of the supply chain Servitization is the shift from product-based business models to service-oriented ones. This change has major implications on how the supply chain network is managed, which brings about significant challenges. In this session, panelists will discuss this phenomenon and the changing business models it's bringing about, while also providing use cases and real world examples. Bridges
BRDG-505 - Blockchain: Fact or fiction? Blockchain isn’t just the technology that enables Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Experts predict that this technology has the potential to revolutionize entire industries. Join this session where we’ll discuss potential applications of block chain—from traceability and the elimination of middlemen to smart contracts—and try to separate fact from fiction. Bridges
BRDG-506 - Supply chain sustainability Explore carbon footprint reduction, ethical practices, and overall sustainability practices in the world of logistics and supply chain in this session that will address the growing requirement for organizations to make environmentally sound supply-chain management choices. You’ll get ideas and guidance on reducing environmental, risk, and waste costs.  Bridges
BRDG-507 - The impact of consumerization Join this session for a discussion of the impact of the consumerization movement, the growing role of the individual consumer, and the need to develop go-to-market strategies and offerings that fulfil customers’ needs and preferences. Our panelists will discuss what consumerization means and the effect it is having on the supply chain across different verticals. Bridges
BRDG-508 - Always-on commerce Always-on commerce means customers want to make purchases anytime, anywhere, anyhow, which often requires organizations to capture and fulfill orders in new, creative ways. Join our panelists for a discussion of the supply chain’s role in always-on commerce, how their organizations have had to evolve, and what’s required to remain competitive in today’s on-demand world.  Bridges
BRDG-601SP - Supply chain analytics for the sake of analytics? Think again. Hear real life examples of how companies are using Big Data and analytics to achieve measurable results in the Connected Supply Chain in areas such as manufacturing, maintenance, demand planning, supply planning, and transportation management. Sponsored by Capgemini. Product
CHEM-100I - Industry: Infor's vision for the chemicals industry The chemicals industry continues to be highly competitive and dynamic, as demonstrated by an expanding global supply chain, volatile raw material availability and costs, unpredictable regulatory environments, and complex sales cycles. Join this must-attend session for chemical, personal care, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to learn about Infor's strategies for helping you navigate these challenges. We'll also give you an Inforum overview designed to help you maximize value from the conference.  Industry
CLD-001SSP - Speed: How to control and optimize your internal Cloud spend Having difficulty managing your internal Cloud spend, usage, and governance? We'll show you how CloudHealth can help you gain control and maximize utilization of Cloud services by using reports, alerts, policies, dashboards, and more. Speed
CLD-100 - New issues in cloud security New threats emerge constantly to challenge your data security. Learn how the principles of data security apply to the most recent risks and how to stay prepared. Product
CLD-100S - Speed: New issues in cloud security New threats emerge constantly to challenge your data security. Join this 20-minute speed session for an overview of how the principles of data security apply to the most recent risks and how to stay prepared. Speed
CLD-200 - The role of cloud technology in business transformation Today's fastest-growing businesses take advantage of cloud technology to overtake competitors and disrupt entire industries. Learn how you can gain and retain industry leadership in the cloud. Product
CLD-200S - Speed: The role of cloud technology in business transformation Today's fastest-growing businesses take advantage of cloud technology to overtake competitors and disrupt entire industries. Join this 20-minute speed session for guidance on how you can gain and retain industry leadership in the cloud. Speed
CLD-300 - New business opportunities in cloud technology Cloud technology can help you transform your business with surprising speed. Find out how companies like yours are gaining rapid results. Product
CLD-300S - Speed: New business opportunities in cloud technology Cloud technology can help you transform your business with surprising speed. Find out how companies like yours are gaining rapid results. Speed
CLD-400 - Is this the year to move your software to the cloud? Every year, advancements in cloud technology make the benefits of moving from on-premise to the cloud more compelling. Find out why this might be the perfect time to move to cloud-based solutions. Product
CLD-400S - Speed: Is this the year to move your software to the cloud? Every year, advancements in cloud technology make the benefits of moving from on-premise to the cloud more compelling. Find out why this might be the perfect time to move to cloud-based solutions. Speed
CX-001SP - How to Build a State Of the Art Customer Engagement Engine Businesses that build personal relationships with customers are the ones that win. The art and science of learning from customer behavior has been evolving rapidly, while security, reliability, and privacy standards have never more challenging. Join us for a panel discussion, with leaders from Marketo and Infor, on how to build a modern customer engagement engine that ensures the highest standards of security, reliability, and compliance.  Product
CX-100V - Vision: Customer Experience suite executive overview Join this session to hear about the vision, product direction, and overall execution plan for strategies that drive digital disruption, empower you to excel at customer experience, and inspire change. You won't want to miss this up-close look at Infor's vision for the Customer Experience suite. Vision
CX-101 - Driving digital transformation in customer experience With more ways than ever to interact with brands, customers are now in the driver's seat. Join this session to learn how you can drive digital transformation with technology that makes every customer interaction meaningful and relevant. Product
CX-102 - Mobilizing field sales Learn how Infor's new digital assistant for sales reps can solidify a linear sales process across today's multi-dimensional customer journey. See how this revolutionary solution provides timely information such as reminders and recommended action prompts using data from CRM, back-office, and native mobile capabilities. Product
CX-200 - Eliminate quoting headaches with Enterprise Quoting Find out how you can gain a single point of control for sharing product, customer, and order information with all back-end manufacturing and business systems, including collaborative demand and supply chain systems. Available in the cloud, Enterprise Quoting allows you to make more confident decisions and speed the quoting and ordering process. Product
CX-201A - Academy: Play by your own rules-Personalization for CPQ Enterprise Quoting Learn how to personalize CPQ Enterprise quoting through business rules without making modifications to the core solution. You'll discover how you can easily adapt to new business challenges and deliver unique value to the market. Academy
CX-202R - Roadmap: Configure Price Quote (CPQ) roadmap and strategy Learn about new product enhancements to CPQ's cloud-based Enterprise Quoting and Product Configuration applications. See the latest features and functionality, such as the interactive visual product catalog, the omni-channel workflow/process management and collaboration system, and new integrations to Infor's CRM solution, Salesforce, Infor Document Management, and many of Infor's ERP applications. Roadmap
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