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AD-100I - Industry: Infor's industry review for aerospace & defense Join Edward Talerico, Infor's Industry and Strategy Director for aerospace & defense, to learn the latest trends within the A&D industry and how Infor can help you achieve your mission-critical objectives. You'll also get recommendations on how to make the most of your Inforum experience. Industry
BRDG-202 - Healthy, sustainable supply chains thrive with innovative finance Supply chain leaders are blending procure-to-pay automation and global supply chain finance options to help ensure suppliers' financial health and resiliency. Learn how compliance becomes more strategic when you connect it directly to your supplier management process and services. Bridges
BRDG-302 - From plan to procure-to-pay—Harnessing digital transformation to increase agility and responsiveness Join this session to learn how you can increase agility, improve responsiveness to demand, and lower both costs and working capital requirements by collaborating more effectively with logistics and finance providers and suppliers.  Bridges
BRDG-303 - Internet of Things in Supply Chain—Imagined possibilities to production ready services The Internet of Things (IoT) creates a new lever of value for supply chain decision support. What are the most promising IoT services for supply chain? How can they be cost-justified? What will the business models look like, and how will they be measured? When will the revolution of IoT in supply chain today be the norm of tomorrow? These topics and more will be discussed during this panel. Bridges
BRDG-401 - Industry fundamentals—Lessons learned across industries Retail, automotive, and consumer products are all distinct industries—each with their own challenges. But where are they all struggling when it comes to digital transformation? Are there lessons that can be taken from outside your own industry to tackle this new world of digital? Join this session to share knowledge and learn from your peers.  Bridges
BRDG-402 - Not your father's supply chain control towers Control towers are making a comeback. Or are they? What is a control tower in the networked supply chain? What are the tools needed to create a true control tower? Join this session to learn more about how GT Nexus provides the solutions and vision for creating a true control tower and what the future holds. Bridges
BRDG-403 - How warehousing is taking on a new role in the world of retail Retailers today are challenged to fill orders from multiple sources, from in-store and online to mobile and social. To succeed, they must look at their inventory with a networked view. Learn how Infor’s Supply Chain Execution solution combines key elements, such as warehouse and labor management, transportation execution, and cost-based accounting, to help customers excel in the modern retail world. Bridges
CHEM-100I - Industry: Infor's vision for the chemicals industry The chemicals industry continues to be highly competitive and dynamic, as demonstrated by an expanding global supply chain, volatile raw material availability and costs, unpredictable regulatory environments, and complex sales cycles. Join this must-attend session for chemical, personal care, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to learn about Infor's strategies for helping you navigate these challenges. We'll also give you an Inforum overview designed to help you maximize value from the conference.  Industry
CLD-100 - New issues in cloud security New threats emerge constantly to challenge your data security. Learn how the principles of data security apply to the most recent risks and how to stay prepared. Product
CLD-100S - Speed: New issues in cloud security New threats emerge constantly to challenge your data security. Join this 20-minute speed session for an overview of how the principles of data security apply to the most recent risks and how to stay prepared. Speed
CLD-200 - The role of cloud technology in business transformation Today's fastest-growing businesses take advantage of cloud technology to overtake competitors and disrupt entire industries. Learn how you can gain and retain industry leadership in the cloud. Product
CLD-200S - Speed: The role of cloud technology in business transformation Today's fastest-growing businesses take advantage of cloud technology to overtake competitors and disrupt entire industries. Join this 20-minute speed session for guidance on how you can gain and retain industry leadership in the cloud. Speed
CLD-300 - New business opportunities in cloud technology Cloud technology can help you transform your business with surprising speed. Find out how companies like yours are gaining rapid results. Product
CLD-300S - Speed: New business opportunities in cloud technology Cloud technology can help you transform your business with surprising speed. Find out how companies like yours are gaining rapid results. Speed
CLD-400 - Is this the year to move your software to the cloud? Every year, advancements in cloud technology make the benefits of moving from on-premise to the cloud more compelling. Find out why this might be the perfect time to move to cloud-based solutions. Product
CLD-400S - Speed: Is this the year to move your software to the cloud? Every year, advancements in cloud technology make the benefits of moving from on-premise to the cloud more compelling. Find out why this might be the perfect time to move to cloud-based solutions. Speed
CX-100V - Vision: Customer Experience suite executive overview Join this session to hear about the vision, product direction, and overall execution plan for strategies that drive digital disruption, empower you to excel at customer experience, and inspire change. You won't want to miss this up-close look at Infor's vision for the Customer Experience suite. Vision
CX-200 - Eliminate quoting headaches with Enterprise Quoting Find out how you can gain a single point of control for sharing product, customer, and order information with all back-end manufacturing and business systems, including collaborative demand and supply chain systems. Available in the cloud, Enterprise Quoting allows you to make more confident decisions and speed the quoting and ordering process. Product
CX-201A - Academy: Play by your own rules—Simple and complex rules for Configure Price Quote Learn how to extend your Configure Price Quote solution through business rules without making modifications to the core solution. You'll discover how you can easily adapt to new business challenges and deliver unique value to the market. Academy
CX-202R - Roadmap: Configure Price Quote (CPQ) roadmap and strategy Learn about new product enhancements to CPQ's cloud-based Enterprise Quoting and Product Configuration applications. See the latest features and functionality, such as the interactive visual product catalog, the omni-channel workflow/process management and collaboration system, and new integrations to Infor's CRM solution, Salesforce, Infor Document Management, and many of Infor's ERP applications. Roadmap
CX-203S - Speed: Optimize the customer buying experience Create a positive buying experience and customer-specific value by delivering unique offers, features, and pricing at the time of interaction with configure price quote technology. You'll learn how you can easily create business rules that allow you to quickly adapt to new business challenges and deliver exclusive value to the market. Speed
CX-400S - Speed: The connected marketing team Put your marketing team in control and facilitate effortless teamwork, no matter where in the world your employees reside, with Marketing Resource Management. You'll learn how this solution automates and optimizes marketing campaign management through capabilities such as review and approval management, automated workflows, creative showroom, and more. Speed
CX-500R - Roadmap: CRM roadmap and strategy Get an overview of the CRM product roadmap in this session that will highlight new product enhancements like product configuration from opportunities, quotes and orders, and extended ERP integrations. You will also see the newly released CRM Contour, a mapping and location-awareness tool. Roadmap
CX-501S - Speed: Know where you're going with CRM Contour Check out CRM Contour, a mapping and location-awareness enhancement that helps sales people find customers within a certain radius of a location, execute geofence marketing campaigns, and plan sales visits. Speed
CX-502 - The fastest path from lead to sale Learn how you can improve your sales team's efficiency and productivity with Infor's CRM, Configure Price Quote, and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions. You'll see how you can deliver a superior customer experience by implementing clear, repeatable processes that reduce the likelihood of costly errors and start the customer relationship off on the right foot. Product
CX-503S - Speed: Perform key CRM actions—online or offline Extend rich CRM functionality to smartphones and tablets to put the most relevant customer information at your fingertips. You'll learn how you can work online or offline through the on-demand briefcase model and interact with native device features such as mapping, dialing, and email. Speed
CX-700 - Optimize your ecommerce experience Rhythm for Commerce: B2B is designed to help you exceed your customers' expectations for personalization, consistency, and an easy-to-use ecommerce platform, while also supporting complex buying needs. Find out how you can deliver customer experience excellence with full visibility into inventory availability and up-to-date order and invoice status, ensuring optimal supply chain execution. Product
CX-701S - Speed: Rhythm for Commerce, B2B Easily manage all aspects of your online business with Rhythm for Commerce: B2B. You'll learn how you can create a beautiful website that helps tell your brand story; easily manage content, promotions, and catalog assortments; access applied analytics; and streamline the ordering process. Speed
CX-800 - Driving sales with data science Discover how you can prioritize customers based on purchase likelihood and make targeted, optimized, and justified recommendations. With Sales Intelligence for CRM, you will be able to provide the rationale for each recommendation and open the door to discussions with every customer. Product
DIS-101 - Make the move to CloudSuite Distribution Discover how CloudSuite Distribution—a purpose-built solution for the wholesale distribution industry—provides state-of-the-art technology designed to position you for fast-paced growth. You'll learn how CloudSuite Distribution can free you from managing complex technology environments and allow you to keep pace with rapid technology advancements. Find out if the time is right for your company to make the move. Product
DIS-102 - Rhythm for Commerce—An overview Discover how you can get the tools, resources, and support you need to make your online interactions a true business advantage with Rhythm for Commerce. You'll learn about comprehensive design services, ERP integration, optimized web design, support for omni-channel interactions, the ability to personalize product selections, and much more. Product
DIS-103 - Pricing Science for distribution—An overview Are your price overrides out of control? Do you want to increase margins? Do you need to ensure customers are priced consistently? Attend this session to discover how Pricing Science for Distribution can help you solve these challenges. You'll also learn about new enhancements that are coming soon. Product
DIS-104 - Reporting—How you can improve decision making at every level of your business Learn how Infor's reporting solution—a single platform for professional reporting, ad hoc querying, and forms management—can help you find the information you need, when you need it, to improve decision making at every level of your distribution business. Product
DIS-105 - Upgrading Distribution SX.e? What you need to know to be successful Attend this session to learn about the considerations and preparations necessary for a successful upgrade to Distribution SX.e v11—our most significant release yet. You'll discover the benefits of an optimization review and learn how the newly aligned Infor Services team can help you get the most from your Distribution SX.e investment. Product
DIS-106 - A deep dive into the new features of M3 for Distribution The new features in M3 for Distribution 13.x can greatly improve your business processes. Attend this session to learn how you can use the supplier rebate functionality to improve your cash flow and product margin. You'll discover how built-in, constraint-based purchase planning can optimize procurement and find out how to manage special products and buy-to-order processes in ways that reduce manual labor and improve product margins. Product
DIS-107 - What's new in Distribution SX.e Learn about the hundreds of new features that have been added to Distribution SX.e since the initial v10.0 release. You'll hear about the many benefits your business can realize by upgrading to the most recent version. Product
DIS-108 - CRM product overview Take CRM to the next level by giving sales people the information they need to make customer interactions meaningful and build profitable relationships. Whether used at the office or in the field, Infor's CRM solution helps users streamline sales activities, drive accurate forecasts, and make informed decisions supported by real-time analytics. Product
DIS-109 - Infor Xi for distribution—The basics on the Infor Xi technology platform Want to learn more about the Infor Xi technology platform? We're here to help. Join us to learn what components make up Infor Xi and more importantly, the value these technologies can bring to your wholesale distribution business. Product
DIS-113 - Creating customer loyalty with Service Management How do you cope with demanding customers, shrinking product margins, and escalating expenses? Attend this session to learn how Service Management can help you better control costs, provide exceptional customer service, and build brand loyalty to increase sales and profits. Product
DIS-114 - Project Job Management overview Learn about Project Job Management—a new solution designed specifically to handle bidding and job management for the electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and building materials industries. You'll discover how you can manage all jobs from a single dashboard, send bids out to multiple customers for the same job, and release one or all lines to create a sales order in your ERP system. Product
DIS-115 - Storeroom for Distribution SX.e—Exploring distributor-managed inventory models Discover how a distributor-managed inventory environment brings value to your business and helps improve both customer relationships and loyalty. You'll learn how the latest enhancements to Storeroom for Distribution SX.e can give you the power to transform your customers' user experience. Product
DIS-117S - Speed: OrderPoint for Distribution Learn how your sales team can effectively manage customer accounts to deliver better service while they are on the road with the full-featured mobile ordering application, OrderPoint for Distribution. Speed
DIS-118 - Report Scheduler Still running Report Manager? Love Report Scheduler, but want to know how to get more out of it? This session is for you. We will take a deep dive into Report Scheduler and show you how to harness the power of this enterprise quality reporting and batch processing engine purpose built for Distribution SX.e. Product
DIS-119 - Mobility solutions that can change your business—Roundtable Would your company be more productive if your employees weren't tethered to their desks? Could you improve customer service by providing real-time information to customers via a mobile device or tablet? Attend this roundtable discussion to share ideas and learn how you can change the way you do business by mobilizing your workforce and customers. Roundtable
DIS-120S - Speed: Proof of Delivery Discover how to make your drivers more productive and improve customer service with Proof of Delivery's mobile capabilities. Speed
DIS-121S - Speed: Sales Hub Discover how the beautiful user experience of Sales Hub can help you provide efficient order entry during over-the-counter sales and in showrooms. Speed
DIS-122S - Speed: Full-featured mobile CRM at your fingertips Discover how extending CRM to smartphones and other mobile devices can help your field sales team drive revenue and enhance the customer experience. Speed
DIS-123S - Speed: Reducing credit card processing risks Discover how to reduce data security liability (PCI compliance) and credit card payment processing risks and costs. You'll learn how your ERP can help you reduce the burden of PCI compliance, improve the customer payment experience, and streamline the payment acceptance process. You'll also find out how to best position your business to handle emerging payment methods, while protecting your customers' data. Speed
DIS-124 - Total Warehouse Logistics Do you need to improve your warehouse productivity and accuracy? Discover how Total Warehouse Logistics, which is fully integrated to Distribution SX.e and CloudSuite Distribution, can improve efficiencies throughout your warehouse, including receiving, material handling, picking, packing, shipping, and more. You'll also see the new Infor Xi user experience. Product
DIS-201R - Roadmap: M3 for Distribution news, strategy, and roadmap Discover the latest features in M3 for Distribution and hear about what's coming soon. You'll learn about the many benefits your organization can realize by upgrading to this exciting new release or to CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise. Roadmap
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