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AD-100I - Industry: Infor's industry review for aerospace & defense Join Edward Talerico, Infor's Industry and Strategy Director for aerospace & defense, to learn the latest trends within the A&D industry and how Infor can help you achieve your mission-critical objectives. You'll also get recommendations on how to make the most of your Inforum experience. Industry
BRDG-201 - Self invoicing—Gain earlier insight into freight spend Auditing and settling freight invoices is widely regarded as a necessary evil in transportation—messy, complex, time-consuming, and mostly adversarial to carriers. Leading supply chain practitioners are rethinking the transportation management process before freight is even tendered to gain earlier insight to freight spend. Join this session to learn how increased collaboration and process transparency can have positive implications for continual improvement in sourcing and planning and in carrier relationships. Bridges
BRDG-203 - Why global trade management belongs in your supply chain procure-to-pay strategies Who owns regulatory compliance for international trade in your supply chain operations? Learn the many benefits of integrating global trade management capabilities directly with supplier financial processes and your procure-to-pay automation strategy. Bridges
BRDG-303 - Internet of Things in Supply Chain—Imagined possibilities to production ready services The Internet of Things (IoT) creates a new lever of value for supply chain decision support. What are the most promising IoT services for supply chain? How can they be cost-justified? What will the business models look like, and how will they be measured? When will the revolution of IoT in supply chain today be the norm of tomorrow? These topics and more will be discussed during this panel. Bridges
BRDG-402 - Not your father's supply chain control towers Control towers are making a comeback. Or are they? What is a control tower in the networked supply chain? What are the tools needed to create a true control tower? Join this session to learn more about how GT Nexus provides the solutions and vision for creating a true control tower and what the future holds. Bridges
BRDG-404 - Controlling the flow of inventory to better meet customer demands Retailers are under constant under pressure to better manage their supply chains. The ability to more effectively accelerate or slow down inventory flows is essential to achieving this objective. Join this session to learn how the GT Nexus Factory Management solution supports resource tagging and postponement strategies, providing essential capabilities for retailers of today. Bridges
CHEM-100I - Industry: Infor's vision for the chemicals industry The chemicals industry continues to be highly competitive and dynamic, as demonstrated by an expanding global supply chain, volatile raw material availability and costs, unpredictable regulatory environments, and complex sales cycles. Join this must-attend session for chemical, personal care, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to learn about Infor's strategies for helping you navigate these challenges. We'll also give you an Inforum overview designed to help you maximize value from the conference.  Industry
CLD-100S - Speed: New issues in cloud security New threats emerge constantly to challenge your data security. Join this 20-minute speed session for an overview of how the principles of data security apply to the most recent risks and how to stay prepared. Speed
CLD-300 - New business opportunities in cloud technology Cloud technology can help you transform your business with surprising speed. Find out how companies like yours are gaining rapid results. Product
CLD-300S - Speed: New business opportunities in cloud technology Cloud technology can help you transform your business with surprising speed. Find out how companies like yours are gaining rapid results. Speed
CX-200 - Eliminate quoting headaches with Enterprise Quoting Find out how you can gain a single point of control for sharing product, customer, and order information with all back-end manufacturing and business systems, including collaborative demand and supply chain systems. Available in the cloud, Enterprise Quoting allows you to make more confident decisions and speed the quoting and ordering process. Product
CX-203S - Speed: Optimize the customer buying experience Create a positive buying experience and customer-specific value by delivering unique offers, features, and pricing at the time of interaction with configure price quote technology. You'll learn how you can easily create business rules that allow you to quickly adapt to new business challenges and deliver exclusive value to the market. Speed
CX-500R - Roadmap: CRM roadmap and strategy Get an overview of the CRM product roadmap in this session that will highlight new product enhancements like product configuration from opportunities, quotes and orders, and extended ERP integrations. You will also see the newly released CRM Contour, a mapping and location-awareness tool. Roadmap
CX-501S - Speed: Know where you're going with CRM Contour Check out CRM Contour, a mapping and location-awareness enhancement that helps sales people find customers within a certain radius of a location, execute geofence marketing campaigns, and plan sales visits. Speed
CX-502 - The fastest path from lead to sale Learn how you can improve your sales team's efficiency and productivity with Infor's CRM, Configure Price Quote, and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions. You'll see how you can deliver a superior customer experience by implementing clear, repeatable processes that reduce the likelihood of costly errors and start the customer relationship off on the right foot. Product
CX-700 - Optimize your ecommerce experience Rhythm for Commerce: B2B is designed to help you exceed your customers' expectations for personalization, consistency, and an easy-to-use ecommerce platform, while also supporting complex buying needs. Find out how you can deliver customer experience excellence with full visibility into inventory availability and up-to-date order and invoice status, ensuring optimal supply chain execution. Product
DIS-100I - Infor's vision for the distribution industry Learn about the latest trends in the distribution industry and hear how Infor's technologies can help you better serve customers, expand profitability, and sell to the next generation. We'll also help you get the most out of Inforum with an overview of the vast array of education sessions, roundtables, and networking opportunities designed specifically for our distribution customers.  Industry
DIS-102 - Rhythm for Commerce—An overview Discover how you can get the tools, resources, and support you need to make your online interactions a true business advantage with Rhythm for Commerce. You'll learn about comprehensive design services, ERP integration, optimized web design, support for omni-channel interactions, the ability to personalize product selections, and much more. Product
DIS-105 - Upgrading Distribution SX.e? What you need to know to be successful Attend this session to learn about the considerations and preparations necessary for a successful upgrade to Distribution SX.e v11—our most significant release yet. You'll discover the benefits of an optimization review and learn how the newly aligned Infor Services team can help you get the most from your Distribution SX.e investment. Product
DIS-110 - Infor Xi for distribution—Extending Distribution SX.e and CloudSuite Distribution Are you bogged down by modifications? Would you like to move toward a "no-mod" strategy so you can be more nimble and take advantage of new versions and capabilities? Learn how to use Infor's technology (Infor ION BODs and Infor ION APIs) to get the unique capabilities your business requires without modifying your core ERP. You'll discover how you can connect to cloud or on-prem solutions to extend your SX.e or CloudSuite Distribution solution and enable additional strategic capabilities for your business. Product
DIS-112 - Improve decision making with Infor BI for Distribution Learn how Infor BI for Distribution can provide you with the right data at the right time to help you make key business decisions. You'll learn how Infor BI gives you a 360º view of your business through pre-built content, ad hoc analysis, customized dashboards and reports, and more. You'll also get a peek at enhancements that are coming soon. Product
DIS-115 - Storeroom for Distribution SX.e—Exploring distributor-managed inventory models Discover how a distributor-managed inventory environment brings value to your business and helps improve both customer relationships and loyalty. You'll learn how the latest enhancements to Storeroom for Distribution SX.e can give you the power to transform your customers' user experience. Product
DIS-117S - Speed: OrderPoint for Distribution Learn how your sales team can effectively manage customer accounts to deliver better service while they are on the road with the full-featured mobile ordering application, OrderPoint for Distribution. Speed
DIS-119 - Mobility solutions that can change your business—Roundtable Would your company be more productive if your employees weren't tethered to their desks? Could you improve customer service by providing real-time information to customers via a mobile device or tablet? Attend this roundtable discussion to share ideas and learn how you can change the way you do business by mobilizing your workforce and customers. Roundtable
DIS-121S - Speed: Sales Hub Discover how the beautiful user experience of Sales Hub can help you provide efficient order entry during over-the-counter sales and in showrooms. Speed
DIS-201R - Roadmap: M3 for Distribution news, strategy, and roadmap Discover the latest features in M3 for Distribution and hear about what's coming soon. You'll learn about the many benefits your organization can realize by upgrading to this exciting new release or to CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise. Roadmap
DIS-301 - Internet of Things (IoT) for distribution roundtable Discover how the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve and influence the distribution industry. You'll learn what businesses are doing about it and hear how your peers are using IoT to build competitive advantage. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this interactive, collaborative discussion. Roundtable
DIS-402A - Academy: APEI—The new AP invoice processing center Learn how the new AP invoice processing center can help streamline your activities and provide greater value. Academy
DIS-950 - The New Infor Customer Portal for Distribution—Your 1-stop for everything Infor Join this session to learn about an exciting new tool that will become your one place to go for everything Infor. The all-new Infor Customer Portal is individually tailored for each customer, proactively delivering everything you need to know about your Infor services and solutions. You'll have access to updates on support incidents, quick view and voting on product enhancements, dates for recommended classes, information on product-specific education classes and webinars, details on upgrades needed for the products you own, and much more. Designed in conjunction with the Infor Customer Experience Board, the Infor Customer Portal will make it easier for you to find answers and help maximize the value of your Infor investment. Product
DIST-900 - Thinking about upgrading your distribution application? Learn from your peers about their recent upgrade experiences. Attend this interactive customer roundtable to discover how your fellow distribution users approached their most recent upgrade projects, what they learned, why they were successful, and what they would have done differently. Roundtable
EAM-201R - Roadmap: What's coming next in EAM? Learn how Infor incorporates new features into its EAM solution and get an overview of the current roadmap. We'll discuss features and functionality that have brought EAM from the past into the present and give you a sneak peek at what's coming in the future.  Roadmap
EAM-203 - What's new in EAM—Part I Join us for Part 1 of this two-part session where we'll discuss new modules and capabilities in EAM, including Reservations, the service portal, Rapid Request Mobile, and more. You'll learn how you can better connect with your customers by collecting information directly from them and quickly routing it to the necessary service personnel within your organization. Product
EAM-206 - PM scheduling for dummies—Pitfalls and "gotchas" Preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling, an automatic EAM function for generating work orders for inspection and calibration of assets, allows your organization to track repetitive tasks. We'll teach you the how, when, and why for setting up a PM program for your organization. Experienced users might even discover a few new tricks. Product
EAM-208 - Best practices in performance measures—KPIs, inboxes, graphs, and reports The collection, reporting, and insight from performance measurement gets your organization to levels 3, 4, and 5 of the 7-step business maturity model. Drill into best practices and real-life examples for deploying and using EAM's KPIs, inboxes, and graphs found on the Start Center dashboard. Product
EAM-210 - Auditing my environment—Yikes! Who changed that Flex/Dataspy/KPI screen? Do multiple business analysts, configuration managers, programmers, and super-users have permissions to change your EAM configurations without always owning up to changes they've made? In this session, we'll share some tricks for using simple Flex, grids, and dataspys to audit these configuration changes and in some cases, backing up the original data to protect your investment. Product
EAM-213 - Take control of your fleet with EAM, including ATA VMRS coding EAM's strong fleet management capabilities just got even better for mechanics and fleet managers alike. From its roots using VMRS codes to structure assets, align work tasks, and identify proper completion codes to new features such as Mechanics Workbench, Maintenance Patterns, and fully updated customer contracts, EAM provides a top-level fleet solution. Join this session to learn about key features and enhancements, as well as how to put them to work for your organization.  Product
EAM-214 - Solving complex business problems with data science Learn about the exciting work of Infor's Dynamic Science Labs team and get an overview of the initiatives they have planned for EAM. You'll hear how their focus on using data science to identify, analyze, and solve complex business problems can help take your EAM solution to the next level. Product
EAM-216 - Internet of Things (IoT)—How can EAM play? The next two decades will revolutionize the way companies operate and interact with consumers, from autonomous vehicles and smart retail to smart healthcare and smart homes. Learn how IoT will transform the way we interact with each other and with companies and the role EAM is primed to play in this transformation. Product
EAM-217 - MISS-Utility: Internal and external utility marking in EAM for safety and continuity See a demonstration of how you can use EAM to track the efforts required to mark utilities prior to digging, a regulation enforced in most states. Using work orders, activities, checklists, and inboxes, the progress of marking can be assigned and tracked for both external utilities and those laid by internal staff or contractors and not marked by utility companies, such as electrical conduit, fiber optic cables, irrigation lines, and propane lines. Product
EAM-301C - Case Study: Hertz—Innovating with Mobilize+, EAM, and Infor Learn how Hertz and Infor used the Mobilize+ concept to innovate with EAM and other Infor solutions as part of a large-scale transformation project known as ResRent. The Mobilize+ program brought structure, continuity, and clear vision to a far-reaching project that extends from customer demand signals to car rentals, returns, and management of the fleet. Case Study
EAM-303C - Case Study: AWE—Defining asset strategies using EAM The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) provides and maintains the UK's nuclear deterrent, and trusts EAM to maintain complex and diverse facilities and processes—from the processing and manufacture of explosives and nuclear material to trials, high-performance computing, plasma physics, and accommodation and welfare. AWE has EAM at the core of its integrated asset platform, allowing the organization to identify asset risks, measure performance, implement through-life strategies, and optimize investments—all aligned to the objective of delivering its mission safely, effectively, and efficiently. Case Study
EQUP-100I - Industry: Infor's vision for the equipment dealer and rental industry The Internet of Things (IoT) has incredible potential for equipment dealers and rental and service providers. Join us for an intense hour where you'll learn more about trends in the equipment industry and the influence of IoT. You'll hear real-life examples of how digital supply chain visibility is enabling traceability of prime machine shipments across the globe. We'll also share an example of a dealer control room where the dealer can visually see all working equipment at customer sites, including telematics data for the equipment. This is a can't miss session for visionary equipment companies. Industry
FIN-102 - The solution footprint for SunSystems Learn about complementary Infor applications designed to help SunSystems customers effectively manage assets, streamline expense management efforts, and take BI and reporting proficiency to new heights. You won't want to miss this compelling and interactive session. Product
FIN-104S - Speed: SunSystems 6.3—What's new Take a look at the new release of SunSystems 6.3. You'll learn about all the new features and functionality available to you, including enhancements such as improved purchase requisitioning, increased currency rate types, improved ledger import performance, and more. Speed
FIN-106A - Academy: Introducing SunSystems new Procure-to-Pay module Join this hands-on academy and learn how SunSystems can be used as a complete procure-to-pay solution. You will learn how to generate queries that pass through a multi-level approval workflow operating from within SunSystems. Watch as approvers receive email notifications that are generated directly from within SunSystems, providing up to the moment information on the status of requisitions. Academy
FIN-201 - Expense Management roundtable—Have your voice heard We value your input. Join this session to collaborate with product experts and other customers on the strategy and roadmap for Expense Management. Roundtable
FIN-203S - Speed: Going mobile with Expense Management Join this informative speed session to learn how easy it is to create expense reports on your smartphone or any other mobile device at any time, from anywhere. You'll also see how managers can view and approve expense reports from their mobile devices, leading to time savings, faster response and payment times, and overall increased departmental productivity. Speed
FIN-206A - Academy: Expense Management—Business rule creation and management Get hands-on experience with the System Administrative Tool for application configurations within Expense Management. You'll learn how to create, edit, and update your organization's automated business rules for proactive and intelligent checking of policies and procedures.  Academy
GEN-100 - Building a value-based digital transformation roadmap Learn how Infor's Value Engineering team provides the value-based information you need to gain executive level support for your digital transformation projects. We’ll discuss how we evaluate the business impact of a project, determine what technology is required, gauge organizational readiness, and use benchmarks to assess operational performance. You’ll leave the session with the information you need to start building your digital transformation plan.  Product
GEN-200 - Manage organizational change and maximize user adoption Organizational change and user adoption are key factors in driving implementation success and obtaining long-term value from your Infor investments. Join this session to learn about common change management and adoption challenges experienced during an implementation, as well as best practices for managing them. You'll also get guidance on how to drive continuous adoption and improve user performance in a post go-live environment. Product
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